Josie Wilcox

Posted by Brent Goddard on September 17, 2020 at 8:33 AM


Josie Wilcox on her way to winning the 2019 South Island XC champs. Photo credits: Martin Anderson.

Rider profile

Josie Wilcox – National Champion

 After a stint at the University of Tulsa in the US studying and running Josie is back in Nelson working and riding. Josie has run around 17 minutes for 5000m and she’s now applying her athletic talents to mountain biking. If anyone has been passed lately by what they thought was Giant’s new top secret and completely silent Liv e-bike then it’s likely you’ve run into Josie on the trails.

Check out Josie’s favourite one hour loop below, could you keep up? Josie will be one of the riders competing in this year’s local XC series. Come along and cheer for her in November and December as she builds to another National Champs win.


You were National XC Champion in 2020, is that what you are famous for?

I wouldn’t really say I’m famous at all! Maybe my nationals XC race crash on the rock garden made me famous? It was pretty spectacular!


How did you get here?

I’m not sure- I’m a runner really. I started riding my mountain bike 3 years ago and haven’t stopped. In 3 years I have put in a lot of time and hard work but I do love it.


Are you going to be a permanent feature on Nelson bike trails from now on?

I hope so - if I manage to stay upright. I love the trails here. I started mountain biking in Palmerston North but right now I just love riding in Nelson, it’s a dream really.


How did COVID-19 upset your 2020 plans?

I am meant to be in Europe right now (July 2020). The plan was a few races in Czechia, Switzerland, Andorra and then (pending selection) XCO World Champs in Germany.


When and where is your next big event?

Whaka 100 in October.


What bike do you race on and what is one thing you love about it?

I race on the 2020 Liv Pique 0 and I love the fox live electronic suspension!


What's your favourite ride if you've got an hour to spare?

Ohhh an hour.. I try to do a loop of the city without touching the roads- I start with a gnarly climb up the gramps - the single track and the steepest firebreak ,then cross over into Codgers and drop into Maitai via TopDog / Hotbox combo then up Centre of New Zealand. Either that or straight up Fringe Classic (fave uphill) and down te Ara Koa. (Editor note, that’s right, an hour!)


There's a lot of women out there riding bikes and participation in female only events is really good, however our club events are generally poorly attended by female riders. Do you think we should be encouraging more female participation in mountain biking events?

Absolutely! And I agree, do you ever have female only races? Some females may be intimidated racing against males? I’d love to see a female group meet for a weekly/fortnightly ride! Manawatu MBC also shared similar feedback, but I do see many more women out riding here - it’s so good to see!


Anything else?

If you ever see me out and about in the hills say “Hi” (Editor’s note, but trying to keep up is not advised).